Saying Goodbye To Our Little Fixer Upper


I guess I will show the update of our humble little home with the beautiful real estate photos that my talented photographer friend Karin took! Some might wonder why I would hire another photographer to take our photos when I could do it myself, well, I take pictures of people, not houses, and Karin is incredible at both. I have tried my hand at real estate photography (and am learning still) but when you want it done right you go to the pro. So that’s what I did! And I would probably just be blubbering the whole time.

These are the beautiful photos for our real estate listing. I want to someday do some before and after shots but we will see if that ever happens because this blog was originally going to document our adventure of fixing this house up… and here we are, listing it tomorrow and I never blogged about it!
We have fixed up each room, some needed a lot and some not as much. We had planned to do the floors and the shop last (which is why they aren’t done) but work is calling us on another adventure. Onto Colorado!

I am probably the saddest in our family because I truly could have lived here the rest of my life if we wanted to… I dreamed of eventually adding a huge garden and a studio space… but we have been talking for awhile about trying another state and so we are ready for another adventure. Darren is ready for not having a fixer upper too. We have put our hearts and souls into this place. It holds a lot of incredible memories, big changes in us and some really hard times as well. We can grow from the experience that we had fixing this little place up and now we will leave it nice and cute for the next little family that gets to enjoy it and finish it up how they want it.

I am sure that I will ugly cry as we drive away in the near future. I will cry for the home we have made it and I will cry because I will be loaded down for a 12 hour drive with two kids, two dogs, three cats and no chickens in a little Prius in the dead of winter. Ha!

I vividly remember the moment that I walked into this house for the first time and I saw it exactly how we have been finishing it. Simple, practical and cute. We have learned so much not having as much space for living. It has brought us closer and I would never trade that for anything. I hope that we can find something so sweet in Colorado, yet maybe a little more updated for Darren’s sake. He actually demands more updated. I will take this experience and the memories with me as we move on to another chapter of our lives.

Anyways, I will make a post more about our fixer upper journey with some before and after photos maybe someday… but for now while I have made the time here are the photos of our humble little home. I wish the trees were full and everything was at its height of beauty (like in the spring) but this is now and this is the most peaceful place I have ever lived. It has changed me and I hope that the next family will love it and the life that goes with it as much as I have.

Photos by Karin Aiello


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